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Run by ex-Google, Facebook and Yahoo executives, Digioo has unrivalled expertise and insider knowledge in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. We truly understand how to maximize your marketing dollars using a PATH approach:



Top Professionals in the Market


Possessing 20+ years of experience in digital advertising and marketing, our management executives were founding team members of Google Hong Kong and Facebook Hong Kong. We were here when digital took off, and became industry experts along the way.

All of our Account Managers are certified with Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Facebook Blueprint.

It's our service quality, industry knowledge and actionable insights that set us apart.



In-depth Analysis & Actionable Insights

Data analytics is a marriage of human intelligence and robust technologies.


Our Account Managers are Google Analytics certified professionals. Leveraging our intelligent DGO system, we manage to drill into every single step of the cross-channel customer journey. These real-time holistic analyses empower us to strategically optimize campaign performance down to granular level.  


At Digioo, we believe marketers deserve complete transparency in the ROI for every dollar spent. That's why our clients are granted 24x7 access to the reporting dashboard of our DGO system. No more cheating. No more waiting.

DGO Intelligent Optimization

Digioo leverages robust technology - we call it DGO - to maximize performance and optimize for customer lifetime value for our clients.


Advanced features include but are not limited to:

✔ Intelligent campaign automation

✔ Machine learning and auto-bidding optimization

✔ Cross-channel tracking and optimization

✔ Attribution models to effectively understand ROI

✔ Detailed reporting dashboard






All-round Success


The digital marketing world is segmented. Yet, different domains are tightly interconnected. To enjoy the advantages of synergy, you need an expert agency that knows it all and delivers results across the board. 


Our full suite of services includes the following:

✔ Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

✔ Social Content & Marketing

✔ Display & Video Advertising

✔ Google Analytics (GA) Consultancy Services

✔ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

✔ Customized Training

✔ Digital Professional Consultancy Services

✔ G-Suite Official Google Cloud Partner


Google Premier Partner


Want to know more?  Don't hesitate to contact us.  We have great People, best Analytics skills, robust Technology and Holistic Solution, paving a path to success for you.


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