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Digioo Digital Advertising Agency

DGO System

DGO system allows our clients to enjoy full transparency in campaign results anytime, anywhere. Data from all sorts of channels are in one place, letting clients understand the customer journey in a unified view while flexibly perform in-depth data mining as needed.


The system is analyst-friendly by design, enabling us to quickly move from measurement & analysis to human insights & implementation for your best interest.


Round-the-clock Access to Dashboard & Reporting

Measure. Optimize. Convert.

The digital world is fragmented, making it a big challenge to holistically measure, optimize and analyze your marketing performance. Combining the best-in-class technology with over 17 years of industry expertise, we take the complexity out of digital marketing process and unveil actionable insights and cross-channel strategies that deliver high ROI for you.

We provide the leading platform, DGO, to the world's most sophisticated marketers who need agile marketing solutions across search, social, display and mobile.


KPI Development & Actionable Insights


Bid, Budget & Creative Optimization


Cross-channel Tracking & Attribution

24/7 Access

Round-the-clock Access to Dashboard & Reporting


KPI Development & Actionable Insights

Performance Insights & Automation

Our DGO system is built for cross-channel bulk ad creation and management which can't be handled with bare hands or on individual channels. In a snap, different targeting elements and creatives across platforms and devices can be multiplied into numerous campaigns for the sake of experimentation and insight learning. The sophisticated algorithm will maximize your ROI by finding and converting the most sought-after new customers - those who are most likely to take action and engage with your brands, thus delivering the highest lifetime value to your business.

Holistic Optimization

To get the most of your marketing investments, breaking down silos is a must. Our DGO system works at portfolio level to holistically optimize your budgets and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) across the board. In order to hit your KPI goals in the most cost-efficient manner, we take things way, way further. Our algorithm not only caters to rule-based bid policies. Not even optimization for overall ROI. It does the difficult math on marginal ROI. In other words, it makes data-driven investment decisions on your behalf and automatically spends your next dollar in the best place.


Bid, Budget & Creative Optimization


Cross-channel Tracking & Attribution

Intelligent Analytics

Your data can't speak for themselves if their true values aren't exposed in the first place. With DGO system, you can easily gain insights into path to conversion. What's more, a variety of attribution models are supported, making your insights even more realistic and actionable. We can identify and attribute the true business values of each element, including channels, devices, keywords, targeting filters and ads, which assisted a conversion. The results? You enjoy more conversions, higher ROI and better business results.

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